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Turbocharge Business Efficiency with an Odoo- E-commerce Integration

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An Odoo-e-commerce integration is a great way to keep your website light while enhancing the core functionalities of both Odoo and e-commerce. With a robust integration, businesses can manage their orders, inventory, shipment, payments, and customers efficiently.


  • Launch and manage multiple e-commerce stores with unique designs, price lists, currency, and language, when the load is being borne by Odoo at the backend.

  • Create different variants of a product like size, color, shape, and other attributes.

  • Create product pages using Odoo’s ‘edit inline’ approach.

  • Create product pages by dragging and dropping fully customizable building groups. Products can be described in a table to showcase maximum specifications.

  • Build appealing custom web forms and capture visitor’s information easily.

  • Define product categories, focus on promotions, coupons, and push the best products at the top of the page to enhance sales.

  • Search, mail, and launch marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

  • Provide visitors with information in real-time with live chat.

  • Make product searches easier by setting different attributes on products like color, size, and shape.

  • Enable customers to track their orders, check advanced shipping rules, and view return management policy through the customer portal.

  • Speed up the shipment process and track orders from Odoo by using FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping connectors.

  • Accept payments through payment gateways like Paypal and

  • Get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo’s embedded delivery method configurator.

  • Use Odoo’s custom package template to map accounts. It embeds a set of generic preset accounts and taxes.

  • Highlight your most popular products based on the quantity sold. Managers can display a graph with monthly sales per product and add it to the dashboard.

Navabrind Solutions Capability
  • 100’s of successful e-commerce implementations
  • 10+ years of expertise
  • Certified Odoo Partner
  • 50+ experienced engineers
  • Clients in the US, Europe, India and Southeast Asia

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